Henna by Sara's Story

I moved to LA to pursue an acting career in 2000, while looking for work I stumbled upon an ad in a school newspaper, of a school I didn't go to. The ad said "Henna artist needed, no experience necessary" and I thought right away, this sounds like me. I had drawn on myself with Sharpies throughout school and had never heard of henna tattoos. The fact that it lasts longer than Sharpies, has a beautiful rust color stain, is 100% natural, AND I was going to get paid to draw on people! Sign Me Up!

The woman who taught me the ins and outs of henna is still a good friend of mine, Merritt Zalon, who lives and works in LA as a henna artist and henna instructor. We worked so many parties together and had so much fun together, I am forever grateful to her for introducing to me the art of henna.

Since my time in LA I have threaded two businesses together; henna tattoos and mural painting throughout LA to Santa Barbara, where I currently live, and am working out of my studio space on Garden Street. The acting fell to the waist side, and my fine art took it's own path, and here I am today.

Meet the Team

Sara, Charles, Mark

Sara Wilcox

Founder & CEO

Artist, painter, muralist, designer...I am grateful to be able to do so many different creative things in my life and career. Sometimes I feel it's a curse because I am pulled in so many directions at once that my brain frazzles, but most of all I feel blessed to do what I love, and bring art and life to as many people as possible.

Charles Wilcox

Vice President

Chuckie is an excellent marketing man, logistics guy, analytics wiz, and a fantastic brother. We can sit around and laugh all day together, or focus and work hard together, it's a rare bro/sis combination I am blessed to have. I am most grateful for his calm demeanor, hard work and impromptu beer breaks.

Mark Olson


Mark is not only the love of my life, but he's an excellent businessman. He's got way too many really good ideas for any one human to carry out in a lifetime. He brings ingenuity and spice to the table, which I appreciate everyday. I am most grateful for his wisdom, and superb sense of humor.

Next Steps...

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