Does it hurt?

No. Getting a henna tattoo is like having someone put frosting on your skin. If anything, it tickles. After the henna is complete, you will feel a little cold sensation as the henna paste pulls the warmth from your body to dry itself. So cool! (Literally).

How much does it cost?

Anywhere from $10.00 on up depending on the size and detail of your design. How much do you want to invest on your beautiful body art? It's up to you. Private appointments costs vary.

Are you available for parties?

Absolutely! We love parties, and we'll even dress up if it's a themed party 🙂 We do birthdays, weddings, showers, batmitzvahs, barmitvahs, quinceanera's, you name it!

Call now for details on what you need for your special day. (805) 455-6269.

What do you charge for parties?

For private parties and events, we have an hourly rate of $100. This includes 1 professional, talented artist coming to your location with henna, design books, glitter, photos, pillows, and a 'can-do attitude' ready to create by hand beautiful designs on each of your guests.

If your party or event are out of the Santa Barbara area, there is a $50 travel fee added.

My child has allergies, is henna safe?

Henna is a flowering plant that people all over the world have used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. I have never known anyone to have a reaction from my henna paste, but if a child, or anyone, is allergic to lemons, oils, or specific plants then I would recommend not getting a henna tattoo and switching the conversation to getting a face or body paint instead!